I V A N   M A C E R A

Percussionist | Drummer

Born in Rome in 1975, his artistic path is focused on a personal experimental approach to percussions. He works mainly on musical improvisation, perfect field for the necessary evolution of sound research. He also works with self-made musical instruments, studying timbres and resonances of different types of objects and materials, such as springs, engines, strings, stones.

Lately he has been concentrating in particular on stones, being extremely influenced by the works of Pinuccio Sciola, sardinian sculptor. He also brings the emotional experience of sound teaching in workshops aimed at developing listening capacities, self-perception and building soundscapes.


He collaborates with italian and international artists taking part in many projects:  Angelina Yereshova, composer and pianist; Mauro Tiberi, vocal performer and double-bass player; Roberto Bellatalla, double-bass player and performer; Marilena Paradisi, jazz vocalist and improviser; Michiko Hirayama, japan classical singer; Primitive Field, a dialogue between percussion and didgeridoo featuring Christian Muela; Ivan Bert, composer and trumpet player; Entropia, featuring Debora Longini, a collective of electronic music; Nicola Alesini jazz saxophonist; Cristiano Serino Etere Project, classical contemporary music project; Chiara Mogavero and Benedetta Capanna, performers and contemporary dancers; Compagnia Egri contemporary classic dance company; and many more.

He played in: Underdog USA Tour 2016; European Music Festival (Rome), International Festival of Poetry (Genoa), First May Concert in Piazza Maggiore (Bologna), Poiesis Festival (Monza), Atina Jazz Festival (Atina), Auditorium Parco della Musica (Rome), The Bagigi Club, Teatro India (Rome), Macro Testaccio (Rome), Teatro Valle (Rome), Centro Santa Chiara (Trento), Auditorium of the Casa Cava (Matera), Basilica of San Giorgio al Velabro (Rome), Evangelical Lutheran Church in Santa Lucia del Gonfalone (Rome) and many more.