TWIN PARADOX RECORDS is a new independent label that aims to search and produce experimental electronic music. The original impulses that gave birth to the label are the quest for music full of mental atmospheres and sensations, and the desire to give space to new ideas and interesting  collaborations.

The label’s name suggests a reflection on the concept of time dilation. In physics, the twin paradox is a thought experiment in special relativity involving identical twins, one of whom makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket and returns home to find that the twin who remained on Earth has aged more.


In this album Angelina dwells on the subject of the protection of nature and of our planet's ecosystem - beginning from her own land, Kazakhstan - touching the global issues related to deforestation and sustainability. The leitmotif of the work is the mythical Tengri (Eternal Blue Sky), a supreme entity of the ancient religion of Central Asia characterized by shamanism. The kyl kobyz was played by the talented kobyzist Gulzhan Amanzhol.


The album creates an hybrid and resonant dimension originated by piano drones and shaped by the synthesis of the instrument. The strings' vibrations, the resonances, the mechanical noises of the pedals and the hammers are electronically processed, distorted and transformed until they turn into textures and unique drones radically different from their original sound and rich of rhythmical and dynamic evolutions.

PIANO'S ABYSS is a vertical and progressive immersion within the "abyss" of the piano, an exploration of the expressive soul of the instrument through electronic synthesis, towards the discovery of an evocative and mysterious world that is exclusively constituted by the drone of the piano. The vibrations of the strings, the instrument's resonances, the mechanical noises of the pedals and the hammers are electronically processed, twisted and warped until they are oceans away from their original sound, metamorphosing in textures rich in rhythmical and dynamic evolutions.


The compositional idea of the “Kármán Vortex” album lies in the interaction between several sonic fields, imagined as an ‘experimental orchestra’ where elements such as noises, pulses and vibrations blend together forming a rich and complex sonic tapestry. The shape of the opus evolves through a constant transformation and timbric manipulation, and does without traditional elements as melody, harmony and rhythm. Rather, it reassesses and revaluates them by putting forward actions, shapes, weaves and ‘energy vortices’. All these contribute to generate a sonic image.


What is Vacuum Energy? When we are calm are we also dynamic? Is it possible to reach a state of calmness through inquietude? Where are the boundaries of the state of extreme inquietude? Why do we feel pushed to surpass them?

INQUIET is an attempt in exploring this internal dimension through sonic metamorphosis. Entering an IN QUIET state surpassing the boundaries of the state extreme inquietude is an intense experience into our own "vacuum energy"