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Italian rock noir band BELLADONNA have released their most visionary album to date: "The Orchestral Album" , a selection of 10 songs cherry-picked from their catalogue, completely rearranged and recorded with a symphonic orchestra.

The Roman quintet is not new to orchestral escapades: they have written and recorded a song with legendary British composer Michael Nyman, the strings part of their most recent single "The God Below" has been used on a Clio Award-winning international TV spot for the blockbuster movie "Minions", and an orchestral arrangement composed by their guitarist Dani Macchi is featured in the soundtrack of Michael Moore's new movie "Where To Invade Next".

Crowdfunded by the band's large and faithful fan base, this album seamlessly combines BELLADONNA's dark and passionate tones with Kazakh arranger/conductor Angelina Yershova's luscious and heart-blowing orchestrations to create a deeply emotional journey.

The maniacal abandon with which the orchestra (which features many of Ennio Morricone's regular orchestral players) and the band played the songs was recorded - in true Belladonna-style - live in the studio, and the tidal wave of energy that poured off the sessions is captured in this album in all its sheer intensity.

"The Orchestral Album" delivers 40 minutes of epic grandeur, spine-tingling beauty and gutsy raw power, a stunning, timeless and very unique album that will doubtlessly conquer the hearts of many music lovers all over the world.


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Recording "Morpheus" for "The Orchestral Album"



          Some Feedback:


  • ROCKREBEL Magazine / Review
    "It is possible to be moved to tears and to feel your heart jumping out of your chest because you've fallen in love with an album, thanks to 'The Orchestral Album'. A fantastic record."
  • IMPATTO SONORO  Webzine / Review
    "'The Orchestral Album' è una continua scoperta, un disco in grado di sorprendere col passare dei secondi per il modo in cui i Belladonna e l’Orchestra sono riusciti a ridurre le distanze fra due generi lontani fra loro, regalando quasi tre quarti d’ora dal forte impatto emozionale."

    "The Orchestral Album is moving and compelling, stylistically untouchable and aesthetically perfect."

    "'The Orchestral Album' dei Belladonna è un lavoro magistrale, elegante, attraente ed ammaliante, da ascoltare tutto d’un fiato."
  • JAYMAG / Review
    "'The Orchestral Album' is a sonic path that takes its listeners to faraway worlds.. an emotional journey"
  • METALWAVE / Review
    "Luana Caraffa's voice is deep and warm.. the orchestral work is immense.. the tracks take you in a noir dimension"
  • VERSACRUM/ Review
    "Belladonna effortlessly succeed where others have miserably failed"
    "undeniable power... 40 minutes of emotions, energy and beauty"