RESONANCE NIGHT is composer Angelina Yershova's new album released February 3, 2017. The album creates an hybrid and resonant dimension originated by piano drones and shaped by the synthesis of the instrument.The strings' vibrations, the resonances, the mechanical noises of the pedals and the hammers are electronically processed, distorted and transformed until they turn into textures and unique drones radically different from their original sound and rich of rhythmical and dynamic evolutions.

Rock noir band BELLADONNA's most visionary album: "THE ORCHESTRAL ALBUM". Dark and passionate tones with Kazakh arranger/conductor Angelina Yershova's luscious and heart-blowing orchestrations creating a deeply emotional journey.

ASTROCONCERT  is a project on communicating science through musical events and concerts combining live electronic music and narration. It was started in 2008 by composer and musician Angelina Yershova and Stefano Giovanardi, astronomer at the Planetarium and Astronomical Museum of Rome. The AStroconcert project aims at exploring new original formats for musical and scientific performances.

SHAMANS WIRES is a search towards the union of two sonic worlds:that of acoustics, represented by the sounds of the prepared cello, the voice and natural sounds, and the electronic sound, taken as a hybrid dimension, unforeseeable and changing. In our quest for an archaic and primordial timbre, we started to experiment with new performance practices linked to the great ethnic tradition of Kazakhstan. More precisely, we analyzed the techniques of the Shamanic instrument Kyl Kobiz and the sound qualities of the harmonic chant.